Be Glad More Elderly Women Aren’t Up To No Good

Maud is pushing 90 and quite a pistol. The Swedish protagonist of Helene Tursten’s small volume of five stories has little patience for the annoying or anything that might upset her living situation, which she is happily accustomed to. Maud is not afraid to take matters into her own hands to protect her interests and way of life.

Society’s assumptions of the elderly play into Maud’s modus operandi. With a few props and some play acting the cunning octogenarian becomes a harmless, weak and kindly little old lady. All to her advantage.

Best of all is that Maud’s many victims are deserving of the untimely ends they meet by her hand. The despatch of despicable people is a voyeuristic activity I’m sure many of us can get behind.

Wh wouldn’t root for a clever old gal who doesn’t put up with any crap. ‘Team Maud’ all the way here. Go Maud!

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