A Shining pairing.

This is my first reading of the Stephen King classic. Two things prompted me to delve into the happenings at the Overlook Hotel. First, the upcoming release of Dr Sleep, based on Mr King’s sequel of the same name. The second, being shamed by a friend for this hole in my reading history. I have read many, but far from all, of the masters works. Even more shameful is the fact that I have yet to read The Stand. But that’s another post. In my defense, I have read many of the classics; Carrie, Pet Sematary, Salem’s Lot, Misery.

I’m just about a third of the way into the book. The Torrance family is secured in the closed hotel but the snow hasn’t started to fall yet. Though it’s summer where I’m reading The Shining and writing this, Jack’s constant thirst for a drink coupled with the thought of winter in the mountains has inspired me with the perfect beverage to accompany the tome.

Stillhouse Mint Chip Whiskey is just the ticket. It’ll warm you right up and tastes great in hot chocolate. But don’t try taking a slug every time Jack licks his lips. You’ll be drunk as a lord in no time.